Friday, November 4, 2011

Ducks and Turkeys or Turkeys and Ducks

Recently we got a new stove. The other one was old and the oven was temperamental and it just didn't get along with us very well. After we got the new stove I was excited to keep it nice and clean. We started putting the cast iron skillets in the oven rather then leaving them on the stove top to avoid to much clutter. Being that I tend to do a million things at once this new behavior hadn't yet clicked with my brain. I turned on the oven and went about my business. Until....

Yes until I started to put dinner in the oven and realized that space was other wise occupied. I started to cuss and thought better of it in middle of the sentence and changed it to "Shit a duck!!!" Now most days this wouldn't be a big deal but this particular day I had an audience of both Bridgette and Tim. They both started laughing at me and wouldn't stop. "Mom how do you do that?" "Does it hurt?" "Mom you are so funny!"

Well I had to admit that it was a bit funny. I mean who ever thought of cussing "Shit a duck!" One comment led to laughter and I told Bridgette I had to check her for ducks. She started laughing and running around, "Don't let Mom check for ducks." When Sydnie got home Bridgette had to share our recent adventure....

Sydnie get very still and in a very serious voice announced "I'm scared." I was on instant alert and asked her "Why?" She replied "I have a turkey in my butt." I had to chuckle. Now we have turkeys and ducks and if they are mentioned the whole household giggles. It is fun for me because they are all ticklish and I am not. Hence I get to check for said turkeys and ducks.

I love my life!