Friday, June 7, 2013

Ouch!! Really!!

For not being a pet lover I have been hoodwinked.  We have a cat, Sunny, who is 6 years old.  We have a dog, Piper, who is also 6.  Piper is a half lab/boxer mix.  She is 50 pounds of love and snuggles.  I really think she believes that she is half cat.  She pounces and runs.  She even talks to us.  That is if you understand dog/cat/human languages that she speaks. 

Recently G & B's dog from home had puppies.  They are full bred Chihuahuas.  We were on the list to get one and lo and behold we got Fred.  Fred maybe weighs 2 pounds.  He is so cute and has me hoodwinked.  I swore I would never dress my dog.  But he is so cute.  I swore I'd never carry a dog around in a purse.  But he is so cute.  I swore I'd never have a dog run the house on my furniture and what not.  But he is so cute.  Yes I have been hoodwinked.

The upside is now that we have Fred, Piper is also getting more attention.  It really is a win/win situation for both of them.  Last night Fred was outside attempting to do his business when Piper let me know she also needed out.  Piper will run each and every time so I put the leash on her.  She was busy being nosey and I was busy talking to a friend from the porch.  Piper was on the 10 foot leash.  Suddenly and this is where the actual events get hazy she took off at a full tilt run.  She pulled me from the porch, down 2 stairs and across the sidewalk.  Now my body is old and sore all the time any way but now I have broken 2 toes, bruised my hip and scrapped my arm.  This on top of bone spurs on the opposite foot and a bruised knee on the opposite leg.  All this leaves me saying "Ouch!"  "Really?". 

Good thing I have been hoodwinked by these very cute loving animals.  Otherwise I would probably be saying so other not so nice words!

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