Friday, October 19, 2007


It has been raining a lot here in Kansas. Did I mention a lot? Friday night I woke with it raining in my bedroom. The ceiling seems to only want to leak in my closet. Why is it my closet and not some where else...say my husband's closet, my teenage son's closet or even possibly just in the hall? Of course as it is raining inside both girls are awake and scared of the dark. Then if it lightnings they are scared of the light and noise. Needless to say I did not sleep much that night. On Monday it was still raining and what does my 6 year old say. "I want to walk to school in the rain with an umbrella." When I mention a coat she advises me they can't go outside for recess so she doesn't need a coat. Go figure, at night when we are sleeping they are scared of the rain and during the day when it means they'll get wet, cold and probably sick they want to play in the rain.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


My girls have been counting down for Halloween since September 1st. They are so excited. Sydnie who is 6 decided she is going to be a half angel/half devil. Such a creative idea. It has turned out very cute as we pull this and that to create just the perfect costume. I only hope it turns into what she is seeing in her mind. Bridgette has decided on Tinker Bell. The only issue is that she believes she is Tinker Bell every other day not just on Halloween. My husbands teases that she is out child who lives in the play land of "rainbows, unicorns and fairies". Although he is teasing I think he may be onto something. She is such a poser. Maybe someday she'll make millions!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Differences in Moms & Dads...

This weekend we took a road trip to visit my husband's alma mater and go to Homecoming. Keep in mind we have not ever (ever as in being 9 years) gone to Homecoming but this year we "HAD" to go. So we went. Not that we talked to anyone, we sat there and watched a not so exciting game. I often wonder about the differences in men and women. For women they need to socialize and show off the kids and not pay much attention to the game. Men they feel if they have children they need to sit and did I mention sit. It appears taking the kids is to much effort. Go figure.
Then on Saturday we went to the Precious Moments Chapel near Joplin, MO. I will never tire of seeing the beauty. Of course we had the kids so I was also a nervous wreck, did you ever notice all the breakables. Again I wonder would I enjoy it as much by myself or is it the wonder in my kids eyes that make it all worth while. If I was a guessing woman I would place my bet on the kids. They do seem to make the world open up and see it in such an innocent view.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Where to start....

As I sit here composing my first blog I wonder if I have lost my mind. I have sworn over time that I would not blog. Heck I can't even remain consistent with Journaling and that is for my eyes only. I wonder at times if I really want my thoughts and words out there for the world to see. Then again I think maybe I am getting a bit to deep even for myself.

My life is not terribly exciting. I am married and a mother of 4. Our lives are generally hectic and always on the run. My children are 18, 16, 6 and 4--Robby, Dennis, Sydnie, Bridgette. My husband and I both work full time. My husband, Tim, actually averages more like 64-72 hours a week at work so during those moments I am a single mother. Thankfully our marriage is strong and we support one another 100%.

Okay, this is my start. We'll see where it goes from here!!