Thursday, May 9, 2013

Losing My Heart

In the next 7 weeks our little girl; our daughter will be going home to her forever mom.  It will be 10 days short of a year that she has been in my home and slowly became my daughter.  Although she is only 3 she has more spirit then most anyone I have ever met.  She knows her mind and doesn't hesitate to share it with anyone who will listen.  I know I am losing my heart to this 3 year old and her 6 year old brother.  I know that a bit of me will go with them.

B "Mom, I can't call my Mom Heather anymore."
M "Honey you shouldn't call her Heather.  She is your Mommy."
B "But her name is Heather." (Said with quite the attitude)
M "Yes but what do you call me?"  (Thinking I had outwit this creative 3 year old)
B "Mommy.  But you are my Mommy and she is my Visit."

Now I know that this little ball of energy loves her Mom.  I know that her parents have done what they need to get their kids back.  I know that the bond they have is amazing.  But sometimes even knowing these things doesn't stop you from losing your heart.  So for today I am Mommy and she is Visit.  But I also know that someday soon I will be a memory and she will be their forever Mommy.

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