Friday, May 24, 2013

Softball, Baseball, Summer, Softball, Baseball, Summer

As summer has come crashing down on the Martins' Home front I have suddenly realized that summer really should be renamed softball/baseball.  We have four kids playing this year; 12 down to 5.  I have to chuckle because the changes that occur between those ages is nothing short of amazing.

Sunday night I took D our 5 year old son to ball practice.  This was his first practice and was nothing short of comical.  The kids couldn't throw which was good because neither could they catch.  One little boy was told to put on his glove.  He did he just put it on his head and played catch with his bare hand.  I laughed because they are so small.

Tuesday night I took Bridgette our 10 year old to ball practice.  At this stage of the game I really don't stick around much.  By now Bridgette has played ball 6 years.  Although I'm sure the first game will also be comical because they are doing kid pitch for the first time.  Actually they were not so much comical as painful to watch.  I realize there is a learning curve but that doesn't make it easier.

Wednesday night I took S our 6 year old daughter to ball practice.  It was a similar practice to the one I witnessed Sunday night.  Although even funnier is the realization when you say "first base" they have no idea where to go.  Luckily we have an amazing coach that realized this may be important and had them running bases.  Even on the T they weren't so sure of batting and they can't catch either.  It doesn't really matter though because playing in the dirt is more fun!!

Thursday night I took Sydnie our 12 year old to her game.  She is the only one already playing games.  We won 15-5.  It was a great game.  Sydnie got to play 1st base for two innings and managed 4 outs during that time.  She hit the ball, she ran, she was amazing. 

As I look back over the last week of Softball and Baseball I realize what summer is truly about.  It's not about the actual game of ball.  It is about being with friends and family.  It's about being outside and playing in the dirt.  It's about having fun.  It's about corn dogs and fries for dinner with a healthy dose of snacks and late nights.  So bring on Softball, Baseball and most importantly bring on Summer!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Losing My Heart

In the next 7 weeks our little girl; our daughter will be going home to her forever mom.  It will be 10 days short of a year that she has been in my home and slowly became my daughter.  Although she is only 3 she has more spirit then most anyone I have ever met.  She knows her mind and doesn't hesitate to share it with anyone who will listen.  I know I am losing my heart to this 3 year old and her 6 year old brother.  I know that a bit of me will go with them.

B "Mom, I can't call my Mom Heather anymore."
M "Honey you shouldn't call her Heather.  She is your Mommy."
B "But her name is Heather." (Said with quite the attitude)
M "Yes but what do you call me?"  (Thinking I had outwit this creative 3 year old)
B "Mommy.  But you are my Mommy and she is my Visit."

Now I know that this little ball of energy loves her Mom.  I know that her parents have done what they need to get their kids back.  I know that the bond they have is amazing.  But sometimes even knowing these things doesn't stop you from losing your heart.  So for today I am Mommy and she is Visit.  But I also know that someday soon I will be a memory and she will be their forever Mommy.