Tuesday, September 13, 2011


For anyone that wants to know I am 29. I was 29 last year also and 29 the year before that. My daughters know that I am 29 and every once in awhile they will try to trip me up and challenge me to my "real" age. I don't think they get it yet that I am 29. Enough said. I realize my children are aging. Robby is 22, Dennis will be 20 tomorrow, Sydnie is 10 and Bridgette is 8. Heck at their ages I was pretty proud to announce how old I was too. At my age I suffice to say I am 29.

Last night Tim questioned me regarding my age. This is a bit different. He is my most avid supporter to the age of 29. He loves being married to a younger women. He has informed the girls that even when my body has aged and I have white hair and possibly a few wrinkles I will still be 29. So yesterday as he turned 37 he questions me as to what happens when we have been married 29 years or 30 years?? First of all we have a ways to go before I truly have to answer this question. Secondly I am prepared for such question. When we have been married for 29 years people will have to realize that our love is so strong Tim knew it before I was born. So on that day he swooped into the hospital stole me and my heart and forged my signature on the marriage certificate.

It could happen you know!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Signs from God

Several years ago Tim and I went on a purging mission. We had several bags of things to keep and things to donate. At the time Robby and Dennis were maybe 10 or 11 years old. They decided to take all of the bags to donate to the church garage sale. Inside those bags were several stuffed animals and dolls from both Tim and I when we were children. Later we scoured those garage sales looking for those little mementos of our childhood to now avail.

At times through out the last several years one or the other of us would mention those stuffed animals nostalgically. Fast forward to Saturday as we are switching bedrooms and cleaning out the over abundance of things we have collected over the years. Tim asked if I was sure we wanted to start over again with babies, kids, car seats, etc. We talked and both decided yes we did but it did leave a lot to think about.

As I was cleaning out the bedroom I came across Cowboy Smurf. A bit odd because both Tim and I swore this Smurf had been with the box of lost mementos all those years ago. Tim in passing stated the one thing he wished he had back was his teddy bear. We continued to clean and soon I came across the box that held all the crib sheets. As I open this box what do I find. It was Tim's teddy bear.

As I found this bear and handed it off to Tim I searched myself to see what this means. I have to believe that this was God's sign to us that we are meant to be parents again. We are meant to expand our family. Will things be hard? Yes! Will we want to quit sometimes? Yes! Is this it the right move for us? Yes!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I generally do laundry on the weekends. I know others prefer to do a load or two a night but for our household we are so busy during the week I use the weekend to catch up. Generally the girls will help bring all the dirty laundry to the basement and I will sort, wash, dry and eventually drag it all back upstairs to fold.

Last weekend as this process began I noticed Bridgette had worn her socks to bed. I very casually mention to her that since she has worn them to school the previous day and then slept in them she may want to change her socks. Her come back is "Mom actually I have worn them for 3 days." I freaked...err...I calming advised she needed to change her socks and take a shower.

Fast forward to the trip downstairs where Tim and Sydnie are talking. Sydnie speaks up and advises that actually Bridgette's socks aren't dirty. How can these socks not be dirty?? They had been worn for 3 days and nights!! No Sydnie advises Bridgette has been showering with the socks on so they are clean from the body soap.

If only I had the mind of an 8 and 10 year old. The laundry would be clean and it wouldn't take an entire weekend to do it!!