Friday, February 10, 2012

Wrestling Mom

It has happened. I don't know exactly it happened. I am no longer a "Wrestling Mom" but now hold the title of "Softball, Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer Mom". I don't consider myself a sports nut but I do love to watch my kids play. The boys always did football and wrestling. We did have a few seasons of baseball and basketball but those were few and far between especially as they got older. The girls on the other hand cover all sports arenas equally. Every season if you ask them they are playing their favorite sport.

Currently we are in basketball season. Both girls are playing through CYO, Catholic Youth Organization. Bridgette has a large team, imagine 14 3rd grade girls!! YIKES!! They need some serious help most of the time. That is another post though. She is enjoying it so that's all that matters.

Sydnie has turned into quite the dynamic player. Last week they were playing a team from KC KS and the other team was a bit brutal. I am manically texting Tim every change in score, every play, every move!! Then with just a few minutes left we lost the lead. With less then a minute left of the game we were down by 1. With 10 seconds left we scored 2 and were ahead by 1. I was screaming and yelling and cheering. All at once mind you. We won, they did awesome, I was so proud of not just Sydnie but the entire team. As one parent said we were more excited then the girls.

Que Sydnie. She walks over to me and says "Way to cuss Mom. The Wrestling Mom came out!" Let me preface this with I did not cuss. I did say "Bull" several times but stopped with just that one word. I may have silently filled in the rest of the sentence but I did not verbalize this thought. But seriously Sydnie, Wrestling Mom!

I do have to say through all my titles "Wrestling Mom" is probably the most exciting. She screams and yells and jumps up and down and the adrenaline is running. Hence is the reason that with my multiple sports personality she has to stay hidden!! For this weekend I promise Sydnie only Basketball Mom will come out.