Thursday, June 14, 2012

Growing Family

When my husband Tim and I got married we had a ready made family.  We knew we wanted a large family started working on that right away.  When our youngest was born we had Robby 13, Dennis 11, Sydnie 2 and our newest addition Bridgette.  At the same time his sister was living with us.  We had no time alone and decided we were done having children.  This decision was the only time we both agreed.  It didn't take long before we wanted more children but the surgery was done and there were to be no more.  We have discussed this decision for years.  We have contemplated reversals.  We have talked about IVF.  We have talked this issue to death.

Back in August we made the decision to pursue Foster care.  We wanted to make a difference in a child's life.  We decided to Foster to Adopt.  Although we love children we had a few limitations.  No children close the girls age (11 & 9), no older boys,  no school age children.  Fast forward to last week and the call came.  We have a 7 month old little girl and an 8 year old boy.  There was no conversation.  We both said yes.  But wait, an 8 year old boy.  That goes against all of our limitation but yet we said yes. 

That day last week was the best decision ever.  We now have Sydnie 11, Bridgette 9, SAS is 8 and ALK is 7 months.  (Due to confidentiality I cannot post our newest additions names).  They are great kids.  I can't imagine not having all of my kids.  I know we are the honeymoon faze but I love them already.  My most sincere hope it the their bio parents figure out how to be great parents and be there for the little ones.  In the mean time I am Mom and Tim is Dad.  We love them and we are on the ride of our life.

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