Friday, October 28, 2011

The Iowa Tests

As a parent we all believe that our children are the best. Well, because we know they are. Last night we had parent/teacher conferences for the girls. This year Bridgette is in 3rd grade and Sydnie is in 5th grade. This is our second year at Corpus Christi Catholic School. I wasn't nervous to say but prepared for any surprises. The girls get good grades although they both brought home grade cards with some B's.

We started with Bridgette's teachers and the first thing they did was bring out the Iowa Tests that were taken earlier this year. This test has more data then the United States government uses. The highlight of the results though are that Bridgette tested a composite score of 4.6. What does this mean? She tested at 4th grade 6 month. Wow!! Some scores were higher and some lower. I had to chuckle her listening score was 5.9 (5th grade, 9 month) but also 99%. What does this mean? It means that she listens better then 99% of the norm group of kids her age. What that means to me is that she CAN hear me when I tell her to do her chores. I suppose that she does still have selective hearing!

As we moved on to Sydnie's teachers the great things continued. On Sydnie's Iowa Tests her composite score was 8.6 (8th grade, 6th month) WOW!! Some of her scores blew me away. She is testing in Problem Solving and Data Interpretation at 11.5 (11th grade, 5th month), Reference Materials at 12.4 (12th grade, 4th month)!

The best part of all the conferences though wasn't how great their scores were but above all how well the teachers feel the do in school. We heard how pleasant and kind they are. What a joy they are to have in class. How well adjusted they are and how self motivated they are! These things don't surprise me but it is always great to hear from others how fabulous your kids are.

Thanks Corpus Christi for bringing out the best in my girls and thank you girls for making being you mom the best job in the world!! I love you more then words will ever express!

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