Friday, September 2, 2011


I generally do laundry on the weekends. I know others prefer to do a load or two a night but for our household we are so busy during the week I use the weekend to catch up. Generally the girls will help bring all the dirty laundry to the basement and I will sort, wash, dry and eventually drag it all back upstairs to fold.

Last weekend as this process began I noticed Bridgette had worn her socks to bed. I very casually mention to her that since she has worn them to school the previous day and then slept in them she may want to change her socks. Her come back is "Mom actually I have worn them for 3 days." I freaked...err...I calming advised she needed to change her socks and take a shower.

Fast forward to the trip downstairs where Tim and Sydnie are talking. Sydnie speaks up and advises that actually Bridgette's socks aren't dirty. How can these socks not be dirty?? They had been worn for 3 days and nights!! No Sydnie advises Bridgette has been showering with the socks on so they are clean from the body soap.

If only I had the mind of an 8 and 10 year old. The laundry would be clean and it wouldn't take an entire weekend to do it!!

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