Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bad Car Karma!!

I, as a woman, have mastered the art of a self pity party.  MASTERED!!  I claim to have only mastered a handful of skills in this life but I have mastered the party aspect of it. 

Two weeks ago as spring break is approaching and I am knee deep in this self pity mode I get a call from my dear loving husband who is on his way out of town with our girls.  His car has stopped all forward motion.  It is spewing oil under the hood and he fears it is the transmission.  Short story is that he then took my van on vacation and I was left stranded.  In come my Knights in Shining Armor the Fasse's.  They came to pick me up Saturday morning and hauled me around.  They took me shopping, for a pedicure, a parade, to a wedding, out to dinner and back home.  My saviours.

Monday morning I have to go to work and I am still stranded.  In comes my next Knight, Jean.  She gave me a ride to work and even checked up on me to guarantee I had a ride home.

Fast forward to Thursday and we still don't have 2 cars.  In comes my next Knight, the Showalters.  They give me a ride to work and back home and then again back to work again.  Friday night I am expecting a half relaxing evening and weekend.  Que 5:00 and my van won't start.  My husband is at work and I am at work.  Thankfully the last Knights were still around and helped get us at least in the same location.  The fuel pump has gone out.  YIKES!!  We have no vehicles.

Saturday morning we are geared up to get either the car or the van (hoping for both) back.  We are excited to get out the motorcycle for a beautiful ride.  What, the bike won't start.  The battery is dead.  Seriously...the transmission, the fuel pump and now the battery.  Bad car karma!!  To top off the bad karma the van does get done but not the car.  (Seriously this is an entire other blog!!)

Monday morning...they haven't even started on the car yet.  We live in Perry, work in Topeka and our girls go to school in Lawrence,  How are we going to swing this ridiculous schedule I ask you.  Thankfully my Knights haven't ran out yet.  Thank you Laurie Ostronic.  You will never realize how much help you have been.

So 2 weeks later and lots of bad car karma I have realized those self pity parties may need to come to an end.  I realize I have more friends then any one person should be blessed with and God will provide.

Thank you Fasse's, Jean Martin, Showalter's and Laurie Ostronic!!

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Jae Gunderson said...

First of all, is it a manual or an automatic transmission? Anyway, faulty transmissions are sometimes caused by not frequently changing transmission fluids. It can cause the transmission not to rev up normally when you change the gear. Also, it's really important to have a car that's always maintained regularly.