Monday, August 2, 2010

Shopping With the Girls

Yesterday we did some girl shopping. What does this mean? It means we went shopping for bras, panties and socks. Who knew there could be so many choices in undergarments. Who knew that buying items that no one would ever see could be so expensive.

It started out with Bridgette who is 7 only wanting bikini panties. Not just any bikini panties but the leopard print bikini panties. Remember, no one is going to see these things. I had to laugh because she was grown up enough to need leopard print bikini panties but as we went through the store she was still little enough to need to ride in the cart. I digress.

After getting Bridgette settled and all undergarments bought we moved onto Sydnie who is 9. Sydnie was adamant that the only panties she can wear are boy shorts. When I was 9 that wasn't even an option. She did that shopping while I was helping get Bridgette settled. We then moved onto bras. I realized that my baby was growing up but I wasn't ready for her to move into actual bras with actual padding. YIKES!! She is only 9. We even had to try them on. Suddenly she was growing up before my eyes.

We ended up with a padded bra and a sports bra. Once we got home she had to try them both on to compare. She came down stairs horrified!! She kept saying "Mom look!". I wasn't sure what I was "looking" at. She finally said "Mom they are sticking out and I don't like it!" Honestly I couldn't tell much of a difference but it truly is about how she feels. She then rushed upstairs to try on her sports bra. Again she came downstairs and said "Mom this feels much better!".

This final part was the part that Tim overheard. Tim is a great Dad and can take most of this in stride but when he only heard part of the conversation she started all over. "Dad I don't like them sticking out and I prefer my sports bra." Tim being the person he is started in on all the virtues of not wearing a sports bra; they don't support you, you'll have stretch marks, they should only be worn during sports. ugh Really? Does my 9 year old need to already worry about stretch marks?!?

The joys of shopping with the girls!

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